3 Reasons Why You May Want To Sleep Train While Social Distancing

Things are a bit weird, scary, and uncertain right now. Since I am not a doctor, I won’t go into my thoughts on the Corona Virus besides sending a giant thank you to all of our healthcare workers and other essential workers keeping our world together right now. Your sacrifices are incredible and appreciated by so many.  

I know many parents are finding themselves at home, trying to balance children and working from home, continuing to crush it as a SAHP, or out of work and feeling the stress from that. If you are social distancing and have a child with sleep issues this may be the best time to sleep train, and here is why: 

1. Minimal Schedule Restrictions  

One of the biggest hurdles my clients face is being unable to follow their child’s sleep schedule. With work, activities, and busy schedules, it can be hard to get home for a proper nap time, or have the kids ready for bed on time. If you find yourself stuck at home right now, this is no longer an issue you have to face. You may ask “But what happens when we go back to regular life and this schedule is not feasible?” Often the super early bedtimes are recommended temporarily during the sleep training process to help your child’s sleep debt. So while you may start with a super early bedtime, most people find they can push it back a bit once their child starts sleeping better. Another reason to try it is to witness how your family works when everyone is sleeping properly. Often once clients reap the rewards and become well rested, they are willing to prioritize that sleep schedule more than before.  

2. Routine is Key Right Now 

We are all desperately missing our regular routines. Whether it was picking up coffee on the way to school drop off, heading to the gym bright and early, or whatever that thing is that you are missing a little extra right now. Since we all thrive off our routines, it is time to make new ones at home. If bedtime is usually a time of chaos for you, this would be an optimal time to change that. Create a bedtime routine, enforce bedtime boundaries, remove sleep crutches and take back your evenings. Having a solid sleep routine in place will make it easier to add structure to the rest of your day and create a sense of normalcy for your family.  

3. Designated Time to Yourself 

Many parents find themselves working from home without childcare. Whatever your situation may be, I am sure it would be great to have some designated child free time each day. Depending on your child’s age this may mean a few hours of napping during the day to allow you to get some uninterrupted work done, or simply knowing you will have a few hours in the evening while they are in bed.  

Becoming well rested will not only make you a more patient parent, but your children will be well rested and therefore in better moods. And who doesn’t need that right now?  If you are looking for sleep training support or have any questions, email me at kathleen@thewellrestedclub.com. All one week and two week sleep packages are 50% off the next two weeks.  Stay safe and sane!

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